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Deliver exceptional customer experience

The pressure is on to continuously improve the experiences you deliver to customers. But you're not the only one tasked with this endeavor.

Members of Forrester’s Customer Experience Council are tackling the following priorities and more; how similar are your priorities?

• Measuring CX and demonstrating its business value
• Creating a culture focused on delivering great CX
• Determining which CX efforts to focus on


John Lincoln, customer experience leader for Duke Energy, shares how Forrester’s research and Leadership Boards help him and his team deliver great customer experiences. (01:49)

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Share your challenges and concerns with leaders who face the same hurdles — and learn from those who have overcome them

Forrester’s CX Council offers an exclusive network of peers and analysts to help you navigate risk and achieve your top priorities.
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Translate CX into growth

From in-depth CX research to one-on-one guidance, Forrester provides you with what you need to succeed.

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