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You + Peers = Success

Marketers are tackling all sorts of challenges these days:

• Being an engine of growth — not just an acquisition machine
• Restructuring the marketing organization to become more agile
• Leveraging technology to drive innovation

As a marketer, you have the opportunity to shape the future of your business — and leading change is a high-risk, high-reward matter. Having a sounding board of peers, the right partners, and access to leading practices is crucial to your ability to deliver results while navigating risk.


Antonio Sciuto, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Nestlé Waters North America, shares how Forrester’s Leadership Boards help his team tackle challenges. (00:50)

Connect with your marketing peers

Forrester's Leadership Boards provide a forum to share your challenges and concerns with leaders who face the same hurdles — and learn from those who have overcome them.

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