Changes Ahead For Credit Unions

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The banking sector is in motion: the combined impact of radically different customer norms, the role of digital experiences, the impact of fintech, and emerging regulations are driving the entire sector toward a more open, dynamic business model and away from the traditional business model that assumed customers for life.

Today’s age of the customer is a reality, radically changing the way customers interact with you. Every interaction leaves a trail of data, but most firms have yet to implement the customer insight analytics needed to capitalize on it in order to succeed.

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Credit unions are not immune. Natural strengths in member relationships are important, but they are insufficient to compete in a world where customers compare institutions experience-by-experience, where fintech providers are elbowing in, and where some banks will evolve into more formidable relationship brokers. The key to success in this environment is to prepare for these trends by understanding your members and anticipating their needs.

Join Forrester’s Peter Wannemacher and Brandon Purcell as they discuss: 

  • The major dynamics shaping the banking sector and how we’re seeing the fintech market and banks adapt to changes
  • Steps credit unions can take to leverage natural strengths and stay in front of a dynamic market
  • The member analytics imperative and how other firms are turning data into insights
  • Ways business data and analytics decision-makers can implement customer insight analytics

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Peter Wannemacher

Senior Analyst

Brandon Purcell

Senior Analyst