Breakthrough Or Bust: Understand And Master Consumer Energy

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Consumers are not simple: skeptical of traditional brands, yet willing to experiment with novel brands; still willing to share data, but increasingly focused on privacy rights; increasingly tribal yet steadfastly individualistic. Consumers’ energy propels them towards or away from a brand based on market events, or based on a brand reading or misreading consumer signals.

Forrester’s Consumer Energy Index tracks the underlying forces that compel consumers toward or away from a brand experience. Learn what consumer energy is, how it shapes your customer relationships, and how to master it to draw customers in.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn the science behind consumer energy — the force that signals consumers’ receptiveness to innovation.
  • Understand how consumer energy drives behavior and attitude — and sets the context for a brand relationship.
  • Discover ways to master your consumers’ energy to design profitable innovation.

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