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The CIO's Playbook

To win in today’s customer-led, technology-fueled market, digital thinking must be second nature. But we’re not talking about building a slick mobile app or snappy website. Digital thinking requires the transformation of every aspect of your business.

Forrester’s digital business transformation playbook guides tech leaders through the critical challenges and demands faced in leading a digital transformation. 


Make decisions, minimize risk, and drive growth

Playbook frameworks guide your critical decisions with integrated reports, assessments, and objective insights. Learn how Playbooks help you close the gap between a great idea and a great outcome.




Emerging Technologies To Power Your Systems Of Insight

What is wrong with big data? It focuses on turning data into insight — but doesn't focus on turning insight into action.

In his blog post, Forrester Analyst Brian Hopkins outlines the emerging technologies CIOs can use to drive the biggest impact in their organizations.

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Craft Your Digital Vision

As your customers learn to embrace digital experiences and technologies as a normal part of their lives, their expectations evolve. These expectations shape their perceptions of value. To succeed in the future, your business should embrace digital thinking to meet and exceed your customer's expectations.

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