How to make the case that CX transformation is both important and urgent

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The results of great customer experience (CX) speak for themselves; Forrester's data shows that the revenue growth of CX leaders is 5.1x that of laggards. There is significant upside here that's yours for the taking — as long as you get the whole business on board. To secure executive commitment for investing in CX, you need to bring a sense of urgency, solid evidence of CX's value, and clear direction for executing a transformation.

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Key takeaways

Make the case that now is the time to double down on improving customer experience. Register to watch Forrester analysts Maxie Schmidt-Subramanian and Samuel Stern discuss:

  • Why CX is more important now than ever before
  • How to demonstrate the business value of CX
  • How to accelerate your CX transformation

Hosted by:

Maxie Schmidt-Subramanian
Principal Analyst, Forrester

Samuel Stern
Principal Analyst, Forrester