Conduct The CX Symphony

Great CX is a symphony: many complicated parts coming together to create harmony. CX professionals are the visionary composers and conductors. But in a tight-budget, low-patience business environment, it can feel like you don’t have all the instruments needed to orchestrate the right tune.

You are not alone. CX leaders everywhere battle the same strategic and tactical challenges. Collaborate with the brightest CX minds to co-create leading practices to mitigate risk and accelerate results.

Work together to surmount goals

Forrester’s CX Council brings together an exclusive network of peers, analysts, and advisors to discuss practical solutions for the biggest CX challenges today:

  • Growing a culture of CX innovation companywide.
  • Improving UX across digital touchpoints.
  • Running an effective organization.
  • Building a business case for CX.
  • Recruiting, developing, and managing talent.
  • Influencing business partners.

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