Emerging Technologies And The Future Of Financial Services

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Financial services firms are facing an unprecedented wave of digital disruption. Emerging technology is changing the industry's customers, competitors, and operations on a global scale. Digitally native startups and fintech companies are challenging traditional firms’ stance in the market, using nimble operations and data analytics to capture customers’ attention – and spend.

Financial services leaders are now tasked with countering these new entrants and paving a path to the future for their companies. Transformation initiatives demand a thorough understanding of emerging technology options, strategic decisions about which are best to adopt, and how to deliver more value to both the customer and the business.

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Benjamin Ensor

VP, Research Director

Oliwia Berdak

Principal Analyst

Diego Lo Giudice

VP. Principal Analyst

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Jacob Morgan

Senior Analyst

David Wheable

VP, Consulting Director

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